Walton County locally grown is a network of local farms, farmers, growers, & consumers. The Walton County locally grown market covers all of Walton County & the surrounding areas including Good Hope, Monroe, Gratis, High Shoals, Loganville, Walnut Grove, & Social Circle. Walton County has always been a county with a rich heritage of farming. With modern times, a fast paced lifestyle, & more development using up farm land the old time farms started to disappear. Today people are moving back in the direction of farming & growing their own food. People want to know where their food was grown, how it was grown, and they want it to be fresh! There is a new generation of farmers & growers who are taking great pride & joy in growing quality crops. Walton County locally grown puts the farmer, the grower, & the consumer together on one website. Each member of Walton County locally grown will receive a weekly email on Sunday evening showing the list of available products, quantities, & prices for the week. All orders must be placed online by Wednesday at 5pm. Each grower will receive their orders & begin harvesting the crops to fill the orders & will deliver your order fresh on Saturday morning of each week. We currently have one location for order pick-up located at 148 Highway 83 Good Hope, GA 30641. To be a part of this great local grown food network you will need to become a member. The membership is $25 per year & helps us be able to keep the market running. Everyone gets a 2 order trial to learn about the market & try the products before becoming a member.We hope you will take advantage of the 2 free trials, we know once you try the fresh local grown items you will want to be a member of this thriving locally grown network!